Awake I Dream of Annabel

Hunter Darkly Taal: Engels

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Awake I Dream of Annabel

Robert had everything in life; a wife, a successful daughter, a well-respected job in the City... He could be quite satisfied with his middle-aged existence. He suspected that most of his peers were as bored as he was and that it was ‘just the way things were’. People in his position just didn’t rock the boat. It wasn’t the done thing.

That was before the arrival of Annabel.

That was before he forgot who he was and cast aside all morals and scruples for just one night with Annabel.

This short erotic tale includes sexual scenes between consenting adults.


She’d made her entrance mid-flip, a burger held delicately in my skilful tongs; a master at work who’d momentarily fumbled and sent the patty bouncing from the grill. I’d heard the yelp of mother’s dog as it’d grabbed the hot spinning disc in its jaws, snatching at it and dragging it in burning stages to some unseen corner of the garden for devouring. I could hear it yelping in the bushes as it gorged itself on the red hot meat. Such stupid things dogs, so intent on their own satisfaction and satiety - a bit like men really.

She was revealed to me in stages, a slow teased reveal appearing in delicious pieces like a sweet segmented fruit. Rachel had arrived and was making a slow way through the scatter of small improvised and borrowed tables, nodding a hello to an acquaintance here, a kiss on the cheek of an aunty there, and behind her the first glimpse of my Annabel, short glossy dark hair that reflected the sun and took my breath away. An elfin princess, oval faced with a fine point of chin that sharpened when she smiled, and dark brown eyes I’m sure that glanced at me with hidden prior knowledge of who I was. She had turned to a face in the crowd, to someone of no importance that my daughter had pointed out, and the small tight swell of her chest was revealed in profile as a breeze wondrously blew and tightened the linen of her blouse. It wasn’t only my dirty imagination that conjured the spectre of a tightly budded nipple. It was real and hard and breeze aroused!

ebook EPUB
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