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Swimming In My Own Lane: A Memoir


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Sensitivity has always been a part of J Bergman's life, and in Swimming In My Own Lane: A Memoir he reflects on his youth through his college experience as a sensitive male. As a shy child, his parents signed him up for the local swim team to be more social having no idea the lifelong impact swimming would have for him. J Bergman would eventually become an All-American swimmer and water polo player earning a scholarship to swim in college. In this sheltered world of the pool through grade school and secondary education, J thrived. But, the focus of the memoir was how college was a struggle academically, athletically and personally. As a young man, still figuring out the environmental and emotional difficulties of being sensitive, he was immersed into the crucible of Division I sports, and had difficulty forging an identity among the toxic masculinity, hazing and endemic bro culture. College left a complicated legacy with the author because of how his sensitivity was challenged. Through this memoir, he has retold the stories that he never wanted to revisit, achieved catharsis for the trauma and found lessons in both good choices and in his mistakes. Swimming In My Own Lane takes an intimate look at the challenges and rewards of being a highly sensitive male through this story of family, swimming, relationships and perseverance.

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