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How to Start a Restaurant on a Budget


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The best way to start and run a profitable restaurant!

Have you ever wanted to chase the dream of owning your own restaurant?

This book is a complete guide with everything you need to start your own restaurant even on a budget.

Even if you have never owned or operated a restaurant before, this guide will show you how. If you have started a restaurant, and are looking for a way to make more money, or improve the business, this is your guide.

From best selling author and hospitality expert J.H. Dies, this guide contains an extensive selection of actual business tools and advice including:

How to choose a restaurant location

How to experiment with your concept before you leap into business

How to prepare a business plan

Where to get financing for your restaurant

Food and menu planning and costing

How to staff your restaurant and manage labor

How to market your restaurant

Money saving tips for a small restaurant startup

How to build a successful restaurant brand

Using social media to market your restaurant

Advice on improving profitability

How to start and run a profitable bar

Finding and selecting inexpensive equipment for the restaurant, bar and kitchen

Every form, spreadsheet, checklist and tool you need to own and operate your business, and much more!

Use this book to find out if you have what it takes to succeed in the competitive restaurant business.

We start from scratch with real ideas to generate revenue, test your concept, and get your restaurant started successfully.

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