Undercover Star

Jackie Keswick Taal: Engels

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A detective. A rock star. Thrown together to hunt an art thief. Do opposites attract or repel?

Detective Inspector Josh Ingram has spent four years hunting an art thief who killed his best friend. Now he needs help and his boss teams him up with...a frustrated rock star?

Pop idol Matisse Vervein doesn't just hide his love for rock music in the closet. He needs an incentive to change and his manager thinks that incentive is....a prickly, driven detective?

Sparks fly the moment they meet, but they're not in tune. Neither wants the other around. And forcing two so stubborn and outspoken men to work together seems a recipe for disaster rather than success.

Only... they make it work. And while there's resentment, there's also passion and - to their surprise - tenderness.

They're opposites in every way. Can they ditch their prejudices and find love on the playlist?

Undercover Star is a contemporary MM action adventure romance. If you like quirky romantic pairings, attraction with attitude, and an epic declaration then this one's for you.

Includes bonus short story Here for You.

Buy Undercover Star and discover a runaway romantic romp today!

ebook EPUB
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