The Miyamoto Mafia Series, #3

Jamila Jasper Serie: The Miyamoto Mafia Series | Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 2,99


ebook EPUB

€ 2,99

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? BOOK III in a smokin' hot Asian Man & Black Woman interracial romance novella series. Each filthy hot, delightfully romantic novella will keep you turning the page until you get to the end. Kenji & Hassana have an epic story that every interracial romance reader is guaranteed to love. Read today and experience the magic of the grand finale...?

There are 3 high ranking positions in the Miyamoto family mafia. To gain rank, you must complete ritual assassinations from "The List" — a list of Miyamoto Mafia Enemies

The life in the Miyamoto Mafia runs by stringent rules:

You must be branded.

You must remain celibate.

No eating meat.

No drinking liquor.

No smoking.

No interracial relationships.

Purity is everything. ????????


Never, ever fall for a dangerous killer.

Hassana broke her own rules the moment she laid eyes on Kenji Miyamoto.

He's a single father, a hottie covered in tatts who knows how to work a 3-piece-suit...

And the most dangerous man in Tokyo.

Hassana and Kenji finally have a way out.

If they're discovered by Kenji's family, they'll both suffer the consequences.

Kasumi, Kenji's sister, comes close to uncovering the truth...

Will her revelation mean devastation for the two lovers, or will happily ever after be just around the corner...

?A tale of two hearts joined together despite cultural and emotional barriers. Kenji is a super-alpha determined to protect his innocent black princess, the queen of his heart. Dive into their journey, the debut AMBW romance novella by Jamila Jasper. This book contains a novella and a bonus sample of another story.

ebook EPUB
?Jamila Jasper
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