The Butcher Of Beaumont

JanJan Untamed Taal: Engels

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His people accuse me of using black magic on him.  They call me Satan.  The only spell that I cast on our best and brightest star is the warm, wet wonder between my pretty, brown thighs.  They do not understand that my body is his revered temple.  Christian Beaumont loves nothing more than being on his knees praising and worshipping at my powerful feet.  My sweat is his wine.  His bread is the sacred sweetness of the chocolaty, pink heaven on which he begs to feast.  If only they knew, that the only power I use on my precious husband is the power of love. 

They mean to kill me while the Beaumont is laid low.  He is hanging onto life with the white, half-moon slivers of his neatly trimmed fingernails, and they are stealing their opportunity to rid him of me one and for all.  Foolish them.  Little do they know, that sliver of hope is all my darling butcher needs to pull himself up out of the black nothingness of death's endless grip.  Once he finds his way back to the land of the living, the first thing he will look for is me.  He will miss the beautiful imperfection of my looks.  He will miss the peace that chases away his demons when his strong arms are locked around me.   Whenever someone speaks, he will miss the cadence of my husky voice.  They have faced the butcher, but I fear they have awakened the butcher's fiend. 

When he realizes what they have done, the gates to his madness will be thrown wide open and they will know the pain of vengeance like no other.  Christian will hack, murder, and burn his way through anything that stands between us.  I have no doubt that he will.  It gives me the peace that I need while my body is trapped in the prison of itself, and my head is drowning in turmoil.  He is coming.  Nothing can keep my husband away from me.  He will ride.  If he cannot ride, he will walk.  If he cannot walk, he will crawl.  If my darling butcher cannot crawl, he will drag himself on the bloody bones of his elbows to hell and beyond to find me.  His wife.  His most cherished love.               

ebook EPUB
JanJan Untamed
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