Anti Inflammatory Cookbook: Delicious Anti Inflammatory Recipes to Fight Inflammation, Reduce Pain, and Restore Your Overall Health

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Have you been feeling pain for a prolonged period of time? Do your injuries simply not heal and you never really feel any better? Anti Inflammatory Cookbook can help!

Inflammation is a response of your immune system to substances and stimuli that are deemed dangerous or unrecognized. Chronic or excessive inflammation is harmful for the body. If you find yourself constantly fighting off signs of inflammation, such as swelling, pain, and irritable bowel syndrome, it could be that you are suffering from chronic inflammation.

The main principle of the anti inflammatory diet is to make healthier food choices to fight inflammation. When you get yourself on the right track, the symptoms and effects of inflammation will subside. Problems with heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, red and itchy rashes, and even arthritis may very well disappear as you fill your body with the nutrients it needs instead of the waste it doesn't.

Reading this book will make it easy for you to adopt the anti inflammatory diet. You will learn:

• How to follow the anti inflammatory diet

• Anti inflammatory breakfast recipes

• Anti inflammatory lunch recipes

• Anti inflammatory dinner recipes

• Anti inflammatory snack and dessert recipes

These recipes are not only delicious but will also help you reduce and prevent the painful symptoms of inflammation.

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ebook EPUB
Jasmine King
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