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In the Shadow of the Nile God


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1806 BCE - the Golden Age of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. The old Pharaoh, Amenemhet III, has died and by age old tradition the new Pharaoh has been appointed by a magical sign from the Gods. This sign came to the Egyptian people in the form of a golden necklace adorned with one, solitary green diamond, a gift from the Nile gods Sobek and Hapi. When this magical necklace is placed around the neck of the chosen leader it glows with a bright, green light as sign to the people that a new ruler has been appointed by the Gods.

But this time the Gods of Egypt had chosen strangely for the new Pharaoh was revealed to be Amenemhet III's youngest daughter, Sobekneferu - the first female Pharaoh in the history of Egypt. Surely this must be a mistake?! But the Gods had spoken and no one dared to challenge them. No one wanted Osiris's wrath to be visited upon them.

This, however, is only where the trouble begins. Sobekneferu's stepmother, Queen Khenemet, and her arrogant son are far from happy about this turn of events, and they are not afraid of Osiris, not when Khenemet is the high priestess of the Dark Lord, the god Seth. Along with her son Khenemet devises an extremely cunning plot that includes murder and deception to take over the crown of Egypt and the power that goes with it. Through dark magic Khenemet gains the help of Seth who sends her one of his demons to assist in the Queen's task. Together they leave a trail of death and agony - first by killing the Pharaoh's sister, the kind and gentle Neferuptah and then attempting to steal the magical Necklace with the green diamond so as to manipulate it with dark magic to glow at their bidding.

But as so often happens with hearts and souls as dark as those of the Queen and her son they do not hold count with the courage and power of those who fight with the truth at their backs. In this case it is a simple, honest stonemason - a man who came from across the Sinai desert to make a new life for his family in Egypt; his daugther Teya who is a servant girl in the royal palace; her beloved, the royal vizier who is struggling between his love for Teya and his loyalty to his Egyptian faith; a young doctor who has to choose between his duty and the riches of becoming a fashionable physician; and lastly the strong but loving Mena, nurse to the royal princesses; and Weret, the faithful Commander of the Royal Guard.

But will the loyalty, courage and love of these individuals be enough to save Egypt and the life of their new Pharaoh? Or will the Nile run red with the blood of the innocent as the Gods forsake their people?

This book consists of approximatly 77 100 words.

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