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18 Keys to Having a Happier Family


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If you want to be in better, happier control of your family, this book has simple, workable solutions!
If the kids are uncooperative, disrespectful or won’t help with the chores then it means you aren't in control! This book can remedy that as well. If you don’t have those situations, but would just like to have a happier family, any of the 18 Keys can help you have that. Parents are faced with more challenges than ever before and will find these solutions invaluable.

“18 Keys to Having a Happier Family“ was created with the purpose to preserve the value of the family in the face of declining morals and other challenges to parents in raising their children. It is important to make it easier for parents to nurture and enjoy their children they so love and for children to respect their parents.

A current and alarming statistic is that parents engage in meaningful conversation with their children only an average of 3 1/2 minutes per week (according to the A. C. Nielsen Co.).

Fewer parents are able to stay home for hands-on and caring parenting. Instead, they're struggling to meet the challenges of juggling family and work, especially in today's economy.

Too often the kids are "glued" to the TV, video games and computers. Parents may feel they don't have time to spend with their children, but making the time is vital to the children's and the parent's well-being.

If you are concerned about the decline of family values, you are not alone. The meaning of "Family Values" may have become misused and confused, but the value of the family is immense and indisputable as the foundation of a sane and thriving society.

Family Values can be defined as valuing the family -- valuing the love, care and support of the family members individually and as a group and spending quality time together. "Family life is the source of the greatest happiness. This happiness is the simplest and least costly kind, and it cannot be purchased with money." Robert J. Havighurst

Kids are our future and help for you and them is here in this simple, friendly guide to creating a happier family!

Order this valuable easy-to-use book for you and your family or as a great gift!

Note: This book may be applied by anyone by any race, color, creed, culture or gender/sex. It is non-religious and non-political. Religious freedom and tolerance along with one's human rights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are wholly supported by the authors.

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