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Applying Critical Evaluation


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Applying Critical Evaluation draws from existing thought leadership and real-life examples to provide ready-to-use recommendations HR professionals can incorporate in nearly every aspect of the job — from selecting an HRIS and identifying training programs to developing an onboarding process and proposing organizational restructuring. Written especially for HR professionals in small businesses and HR departments of one, Applying Critical Evaluation highlights best practices for interpreting and promoting findings to better inform business decisions. Featuring tools, worksheets, case studies, and assessments that can be used immediately and applied every day, it is a resource HR professionals will regularly consult. " Applying Critical Evaluation lives up to its name and more. Currence shows how evaluation must evolve from traditional smile sheets and tests to efforts that truly connect HR with business results and strategy. Please read and apply its tools and recommendations to become a true strategic business partner!" —Jim Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., author of Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation and Training on Trial "Full of smart, practical information you can use every day, Applying Critical Evaluation is a book you'll pull from your professional bookshelf and consult time and time again." —Susan Craft, MS, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR, consultant, adjunct professor, and president emeritus of the Virginia SHRM State Council "This is a fresh look at what I do every day as an HR director. It reminded me of concepts that I had forgotten and ones that were new to me even after 15 years in HR. This is a great 'handbook' for the small business HR professional in any company." —DaNell D'Alfonso, SPHR, Senior HR Director, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill Preface Chapter 1. Defining Critical Evaluation Chapter 2. Assessing the Big Picture Chapter 3. Processing the Data Chapter 4. Refining an Optimal Solution Chapter 5. Making the Final Decision Chapter 6. Summary Appendices Suggested Reading Endnotes Index About the Author Additional SHRM-Published Books SHRMStore Books Approved for Recertification Credit
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