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Harlequin Romance August 2015 Box Set


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Harlequin® Romance brings you four new titles for one great price, available now! Experience the rush of falling in love! This Harlequin® Romance box set includes:

RETURN OF THE ITALIAN TYCOON (The Vineyards of Calanetti)
by Jennifer Fayer
When assistant Kayla travels to Angelo Amatucci's beautiful Tuscan village, she never expected to discover a new, very attractive side to her demanding boss… Working together is blissful torture and Kayla can't help but wonder if she'll be promoted…to Mrs. Amatucci!

by Teresa Carpenter
When Grace Delaney meets a handsome stranger with amnesia, she soon finds herself falling, not for the millionaire he's revealed to be, but for the man she's come to know. When Jackson's memory returns, will he forget her…or make her dreams a reality?

Kandy Shepherd
Since losing his wife Declan has adjusted to a life of isolation… But as caring horticulturist Shelley restores order and beauty to his garden, she also begins to thaw Declan's heart. Can he let Shelley's light in and finally have his second chance at love?

by Jessica Gilmore
Ellie is living by her rules—not hotshot Max's! But bound together by her godmother's will, their sparks are becoming harder to ignore… Luckily, Ellie makes Max want to be a different man and, down on one knee, he'll prove it!

Look for 4 compelling new stories every month from Harlequin® Romance!

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