The Tree of Life: The Path To Self Enlightenment


The Legacy Art Movement

Jennifer Webb Serie: The Legacy Art Movement | Taal: Engels

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The Tree of Life: The Path To Self Enlightenment

ebook EPUB

€ 4,49

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To step upon the path to enlightenment is to find spirituality, self-awareness, and the choice of free will. It is also a holy journey that leads to balance and understanding when ventured on through faith and belief in the source of all creation, Great Creator.

This sparked light of wanting to learn about oneself is conscious of itself. This consciousness is held in the ether of your soul's being.

In order to understand and traverse the bridge that exists between the ether that you are made from and the body you are connected to as a physical being, you have to have a way to join one with the other.

One way to bridge the distance of ether between Father Sky and Mother Earth is to travel up and down The Tree of Life that you became when you were born. Your roots are connected to the Trees that beget you and your branches grow leaves that are self-expressions and the personality of yourself.

You as The Tree of Life are the living proof that you are alive! You are an individual with natural, free thinking thoughts with the gift of consciousness, self-awareness, and accountability!

These spiritual, non-formed gifts are from the ethereal realm are where God lives within you.

It is your nature and your God-given individual rights that make you want to grow, be more, and learn more.

You who are seeking and searching for harmony between the physical world and the world of spirit, must choose the path to enlightenment in order to find it.

This choice of free will to choose ones path based on consciousness of self and the desire to grow are the creative forces that spark life into form!

This spark of new spirit life that yearns to explore the world around it and strives for enlightenment and to know itself is the consciousness that you are made of and it is also the awareness that will awaken you from a Tree of Life into a Tree of Light!

Through your free will you can step upon the path to self-enlightenment. It is this spiritual and holy choice that will connect you with your source and it will transform you from a living Tree of Life into an enlightened Tree of Light!

ebook EPUB
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