Ghost Trader

Jeremy Cook Taal: Engels


€ 13,95

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In reality, the illusion of wealth... In dream, the illusion of reality.

As the world sleepwalks into the 2008 credit crunch, three victims of a previous crisis collide in a near-fatal accident by an alpine lake. Despite apparent suicide, Clem's former friend Ambrose may have caused the accident, whilst Clem & Mallory may be its victims, as Clem's subsequent dreams of lying comatose in hospital seem to suggest.

Once successful Clem has lived by Lake Annecy ever since he was ruined by Lloyd's, the world's oldest insurer, and he is now att¬racted to the reclusive and enigmatic Mallory, who manages a secretive hedge fund for ruined Lloyd's investors, especially when she enlists his help in "shorting" irresponsible banks. But Ambrose denounces her to one of Clem's friends as simply another Madoff.

As the credit crunch becomes more nightmarish, dream & reality become increasingly entangled. Their only escape from nightmare, their only chance of recovery, is to face and forgive each other's darkest deeds before the Kafkaesque Court of Transition - and then only if Ambrose doesn't thwart them. A tale of loss & love, revenge & redemption set in the 2008 financial crisis, where nothing is as it seems until the very end.
Legend Press Ltd
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