How to Cope with Credit Cards


A Money-Talks Mini-Book

Jerrold Mundis Serie: A Money-Talks Mini-Book | Taal: Engels

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How to Cope with Credit Cards

ebook EPUB

€ 2,99

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Tired of carrying an ongoing balance on your credit card—or even worse, cards—month after month? And paying 15 to 30 percent interest on it?

(To say nothing of getting socked with late fees on top of that if you happen to miss a payment date by a day or two.)

Well, you should be. This kind of thing is costing you a small fortune. And very possibly grinding you down emotionally, too.

It doesn't have to be that way. Seriously.

Problems with credit cards are epidemic in the United States. There are nearly 1.5 billion of them loose in the country—roughly four for every man, woman, and child—and in 2016 alone cardholders defaulted on more $29 billion in charges for which they remain legally responsible.

The average American household now carries an ongoing monthly balance of more than $8,000 in credit card debt at punishing interest rates and one out of every seven of them was late in paying their monthly bills once to a few times every fear, racking up high penalty fees.

This is financially brutal. And It takes a toll on psychologically, emotionally, and physically as well.

You may have experienced some of this already, fear you’re on the verge of it, or perhaps simply want to ensure that nothing like it does happen to you.

Whatever your situation, and despite any fears you might have to the contrary, you can cope with credit cards. In fact, you can even live happily and well with them.

This Money-Talks Mini-Book, How to Cope with Credit Cards, by bestselling personal finance author Jerrold Mundis, author of the bestselling book How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously—now in its 60th printing—as well as Earn What You Deserve and Making Peace with Money will show you exactly how.

Using a handful of appealing, easy-to-understand concepts and a dozen simple techniques that nearly anyone can apply starting right now, today, Mundis shows his readers how to start freeing themselves from stress and fear and needless money loss to endless credit card balances from the moment they finish reading this little book and for the rest of their lives—how to live peacefully and comfortably with credit cards in today's plastic-heavy society.


ebook EPUB
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