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Dirty Tricks


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Convicted felon Fernando Garcia has to follow the rules to stay out of jail. But when he meets his new probation officer for the first time, she's nothing like he expected. Gwen Cohen could be the reason he goes legit.

She sets him on fire, and from now on his biggest desire is to make her his -- but there’s more than one insurmountable obstacle to overcome to make this happen and
end his life of crime.

After a year on the job, the once idealistic Gwen is now disillusioned and defeated. All she wants is to find just one probationer who's willing to change.

Badass heartbreaker Fernando puts her on edge. He could be the one she saves, but Gwen feels way more than she should and she has to fight her insane attraction for him every step of the way.

Both of them have to deny their explosive passion for one another, because being together isn’t an option. It’s against the rules. Succumbing would put her job on the line – and him into jail.

But when Gwen is confronted with her biggest fear, the only person to help is the one man she vowed to stay away from. Can Fernando and Gwen protect each other and still save her career?

Read Dirty Tricks to find out, whether they can resist the scorching hot flames threatening to burn them both.

Fernando is the first book in the Bad Boy Love series. A contemporary romance series about Bad Boys, good girls, redemption and true love.

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