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A Snowbound Scandal


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Snowbound by a blizzard, these exes have a spark hot enough to burn… In this Dallas Billionaires Club novel by Jessica Lemmon.

Trapped with an old flame in a Montana snowstorm…
There’s plenty of ways to keep warm…

If Texas politician and oil tycoon Chase Ferguson has one regret, it’s choosing to leave his former lover, Miriam Andrix, to shield her from his public life. But even after ten years of moving on, their old love affair has kicked up the media’s interest, now that he’s running for re-election. He owes her the courtesy of a warning, right? Since he’s on her home turf in Big Fork, Montana. What could possibly go wrong?

Miriam arrived at Chase’s vacation mansion to say hello, not to rehash the past or get burned by the heat that still sparks between them. But then a snowstorm strands them together in said mansion, and somehow she’s agreeing to a snowbound fling. But when the media spotlight bursts their blizzard bubble, a replay of their former heartbreak seems inevitable. Will she and Chase fight for what they truly want this time, or will what happened in the storm stay in the storm?

Love triumphs for the Ferguson family in the Dallas Billionaires Club trilogy.
Book 1: Lone Star Lovers
Book 2: A Snowbound Scandal
Book 3: A Christmas Proposition

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