Space Race

An Inside View of the Future of Communications Planning

Jim Taylor ; Nota Bene Taal: Engels


€ 34,95

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At its simplest, Space Race is about the race for a space. A race that s on now, within the communications industry, to disproportionately own communications planning.

But at a more subtle level, Space Race is about a journey upwards. the book begins with our current state of inertia, naivety and hope; but then shows how technology will empower the discipline and get us off the ground. It takes us through a difficult period, where data drives planning and we cut through the atmosphere . And it offers a glimpse of the future beyond. A future where, tied to ROL, ideas make a comeback and marketing embraces both communications planning and ideation, empowering itself in the process.

In the real space race of the 1960s, the smart application of ideas and technology put men and women into orbit and beyond. Over the coming years communications planning will propel the marketing communications industry through a similar paradigm shift. There will be difficulties along the way no doubt, but when the journey is complete the industry will have made its own giant leap, and in doing so produced something extraordinary.

"The most powerful marketing services agency of the future will be one that practices communications planning. If you have a stake in this story, and you re the impatient sort not inclined to wait, then you would do well to read Jim Taylor s terrific book." KEN SACHARIN, AUTHOR OF ATTENTION!

"Jim Taylor is one of the most adventurous, alert and ambitious thinkers in the marketing industry. Which is why this book scares the boxer shorts off me. His analysis of where we are as an industry and where we could end up is spot on. Which means a lot of pain for the traditional agency model. I only hope people in ad agencies red this, learn from it, and make the predicted sunrise come along a lot quicker than Jim predicts.

If you don t get an epiphany out of this book, at the very least you ll feel enriched by a fresh and innovative look at the tough and exciting challenges facing marketing companies and their agencies.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd
322 pp.
Management, Economie & Communicatie
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