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€ 8,49

Written With Love

ebook EPUB

€ 8,49

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Written With Love - "A New Father's Memoirs
Designed to be EASY-TO-READ, FUN-TO-FLIP THROUGH, and most importantly FAMILY-FRIENDLY.

This Short and Sweet Family Title:
*May serve as an overview of what to expect for your upcoming fatherhood role
*Displays the feelings and emotions you'll experience in baby's first year
*Provides Peace-of-mind with loving moments that you are sure to experience preparing for your child's arrival
*This heart-felt titled is timeless and will help both mothers and father to preserve the wonderful journey of becoming a new parent.
*Makes the perfect gift for New Fathers, a Father's Day present, Christmas Gift, and Baby Shower Add-on!

Becoming a father may be unfamiliar territory for a new dad and Written With Love title is designed to help shed light on your exciting new journey! This endearing title is created with love and encouragement and will provide comfort of what to expect in Bug-a-Boo's first year. We congratulate you! Rest assured you will become a great father!

A JJJ Edwards Publishing - New Release Title

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We welcome your feedback, comments and review! Feel free to contact us at [email protected] to be added to our subscriber list and be notified of our upcoming new releases. We are just getting started with many more family focused titles in store!

ebook EPUB
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