Ten mystery authors and eleven great, clean stories! Find your new favorite author or enjoy spending time with an old faithful. Summertime is prime time for crime in this, the third book in our mystery series. As always, this book comes with a super-duper secret email address so you can send away for a free bonus file filled with recipes and craft ideas that go along with the book. This volume includes these authors and stories: Joanna Campbell Slan’s Cara Mia and the Empty Nest; Linda Gordon Hengerer’s Dying for Graduation Tea: A Beach Tea Novella; Margaret Lucke’s A Fair Day for Murder; Nancy Jill Thames’ A Birthday Bash; Teresa Trent’s The Dog Days of Murder; C.A. Verstrate’s Surf’s Up; Randy Rawls’ A Simple Case of Stalking; Terry Ambrose’s Murder on Front Street; Jeffrey Marks’ Short Order Dead; Deborah Sharp’s Bubba Trouble: A Mace and Mama Short Mystery; and Joanna Campbell Slan’s Kiki Lowenstein and the Shark Bait.

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