Creating Mindful Leaders

How to Power Down, Power Up, and Power Forward

Joe Burton Taal: Engels


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Mindfulness has become the holy grail for modern professionals yearning for the solution to overcome stress. Unfortunately, most executives are too stressed and overwhelmed to know where to start. Creating Mindful Leaders offers the antidote. Written by Joe Burton, a global COO turned successful tech entrepreneur, this stress-busting book shares profound insights and outlines the easy practices that are solidly based in neuroscience, brain training, and positive psychology.

Based on his company's award-winning training system, Creating Mindful Leaders explores practices to improve every aspect of your life and career. The author shows how mindfulness training relates to the natural functioning of the brain: what you think about, you become. Filled with Burton's keen wit, the book eschews the New Age, woo-woo approaches to mindfulness and emphasizes a modern attention training practice to create a competitive advantage for yourself and your company culture.

Stress is the enemy that impacts health, wellbeing and performance. It impacts relationships and teams. And that impacts entire company cultures. Creating Mindful Leaders provides a tried-and true approach for achieving greater health, happiness and success. With wisdom that is grounded in research and drawing on his personal experience, Burton shares how to reduce stress driven by ongoing change and negative thought patterns that center on worry, regret, and anxiety. By practicing the mindfulness and emotional intelligence techniques presented in the book, you can learn to thrive in the "age of disruption." You can become the leader you aspire to be: happy, confident, committed, energized, connected, charismatic, lovable, intentional, compassionate, and purposeful.

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