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Your Dog’s Diet is Important: More Years Together With Proper Nutrition


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Your dog is your buddy. In some cases the best friend. They offer you unconditional love and company. Some breeds live to please you. They can brighten up your day when you get home after a long day of the office with how excited they are to see you. It is a known fact that having a dog can improve your mental health and offer companionship for many people. Dog’s can be trained to do a number of things, they can be trained to be a Seeing Eye dog, police dog, and even clown dog’s. They can do tricks such as dance with your, sit, play dead.

I love my dog. He is a 2 year old dopey golden retriever who is my protector and my buddy. I love the greetings I get from him when I walk in the door. I love the fact that when he wags his tail, his whole body shakes back and forth. I spoil my dog and to be honest I never gave much thought to what I was feeding him, or even how important it was. My whole life I have had dog’s. You would think that I know all about their diet and how important it is for them to have a good diet.

Well I don’t, or at least I didn’t up until a short while ago. I was one of those dog owners who didn’t give my dog’s diet a second thought. I bought whatever dog food was one sale that week and never read the ingredients. I listened to my vet advertise brands of dog food and sometimes took his advice but other times didn’t because I knew he was being paid to promote the food. I could tell because of all the free samples he was trying to get rid of.

I wasn’t however, one of those people who fed their dog’s leftovers from the dinner table. Those are the people who fall for the puppy dog eyes that our dog’s seem to have mastered. That is not to say I didn’t toss him a taste every now and then, but for the most part, I never fed him. Some of the food we eat can be toxic for a dog, and greasy foods, or fried food, forget it. Have fun cleaning up after him after that mess!

It wasn’t until I noticed my dog’s coat not looking as shiny as it once did. Other dog owners have said it wasn’t until their dog’s began scratching themselves silly or not have much energy that they notice something was the matter. One person said it wasn’t until their dog’s stomach grew so much from him being overweight did they realize their might have been a problem with the food.

Dog’s are mammals, just like us. If we eat too much and don’t exercise enough we are going to get fat as our dog’s. If we eat food that is not good for us, we tend to feel lethargic afterwards and do not want to move. Eating unhealthy for us can cause a whole slew of problems from heart disease to diabetes. We can make our skin look unhealthy and our hair and when we go to bathroom. Well let us just say that it can be pretty ugly sight.

Dog’s are no different. If they eat too much and get no exercise they become overweight.

If they eat food that is not good for them, they to can feel lethargic and have no energy.

What they eat can affect their coat and their skin. Dog’s can get most of the same diseases we do. They can get cancer, they can get heart disease, and have heart attacks. They can even get diabetes.

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