Three Tales of Vampires


A Tale of Vampires

John Hennessy Serie: A Tale of Vampires | Taal: Engels

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By a British author of Irish descent, Three Tales of Vampires is a literary anthology and collection of stories - a book comprising a unique paranormal vampire trilogy.

1: Murderous Little Darlings

Young vampire siblings Marcus, Rocco and Juliana go on a murderous and bloody rampage of self-discovery. Are they vampires or not? And is anyone safe from their ghoulish games?

2: The Blood and the Raven

A sinister watering hole is not all it is supposed to be, but any attempts to leave prove too dangerous as the vampire's web closes in. Is the story real, or just a legend? What will happen to those who don't believe?

3: Innocent While She Sleeps.

A vampire wrestles with her conscience, whilst another seeks to kill the one who made her into a creature of the undead.

A Tale of Vampires is a seven book chronicle about a group of vampires. This edition comprises the first three vampires books of the series in one concise collection.

Praise for the series:-

"This trilogy is a must read for all the vampire fans, especially the ones who loves to devour themselves in a sinister and ugly story of a vampire family that causes mayhem through their journey. John's exquisite writing style and with his sense of humor, this trilogy will keep you glued till the very end as well as will give you goosebumps. And with that evil yet beautiful cover, it surely gives an alluring feel to the whole book.
So what are you waiting for, grab a copy of this book and lose yourself in the world of some blood-lusty vampires who will not stop until they ease their hunger."

Aditi Saha -

" While today when our vampires are busy playing with their hair and sharpening their fangs, making it extra crispy and white, somewhere in the grave Bram stoker is wishing that he could return as a vampire so that people can understand what an actual vampire stands for. Don't worry Mr. Stoker we have taken care of things for you.

Three tales of Vampires is the collection of the original novella that brings you these set of vampires that will make you fear the very word vampire rather than see diamonds and bushes and red contact lenses.

These novella are so intricately weaved and connected to each other that you cannot afford to lose the track. What starts with the first returns back in the third book in a complete firework. Each characters in these short stories are much stronger and impressive than many voluminous books out there. Each story ends with shocking revelations that you cant stop from jumping into the next book.

The language and the narration is simply gripping and for me its the plot and the characters that add color to this whole series. This is one series that you have to follow if you are a huge vampire fan. i would like to say it is the revival of the classic vampires. As gory and vicious and hungry as they were created yet every bit emotionally attachable."

Merril Anil -

"This trilogy is surely Vampire gold from John Hennessy. It will please all who enjoy ghoulish bloodsuckers with a real flair. It will scare you, make you smile and even brings on compassion and understanding for some of the little darlings.
I had a grand time reading this creative offering, I highly recommend it! Share the fun and enjoy
Murderous Little Darlings, The Blood and the Raven, Innocent While She Sleeps!!!"

Adriana Girolami - Author of Revenge of the Knights Templar

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