Unaddicted: Regain Control

John Rake Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 6,22

Unaddicted: Regain Control

ebook EPUB

€ 6,22

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I am an addict. I understand how pernicious addiction is, how it slowly and furtively worms its way into the depths of your psyche, how it suffocates your very being.

Once you become addicted, you are an addict for life. Even if you are no longer using, every step of the way will be a struggle. A struggle to stay on the straight and narrow, a struggle against self-destruction.

It does not matter if you are addicted to alcohol, smoking, sex, drugs, video games, porn, the internet, or even your work.

If you are an addict, or care deeply about one, read this book.

Through a systematic approach that blends systems theory with psychology and cognitive science, you will:

  • Understand: How your external systems create and perpetuate your addiction

  • Understand: The real, deep-seated causes behind your addiction

  • Recover: Treat the external and internal causes of your addiction

  • Empower: Change the way you think, and improve your self-image

  • Control: Sustain your recovery

  • Being un-addicted is not about not being an addict.

    Being un-addicted is about control.

    Control your addiction. Control your life.

    ebook EPUB
    John Rake
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