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ebook EPUB

€ 2,99

Travelling The Silk Road

ebook EPUB

€ 2,99

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Many of us dream of travelling the ancient Silk Route. This book takes you on a journey visiting the Silk Road countries of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. You will feel the intense heat, the chilling cold and the drenching rain for yourself as you visit the ancient city of Nisa, see the wondrous sights in Khiva and Bukhara and arrive at the world-renowned Registan Square in Samarkand. Its immediacy will make you think you are there too as you sit comfortably sipping a warm brew or well chilled drink.

Whether you are planning your own trip or want to travel vicariously, this is the book to read first.

"You made me get out my world atlas and turn over pages that have scarcely seen the light of day. What an exciting and new (although ancient) place to explore! RG"

"Aren't those mosaics something? How strange that in a country obsessed with apples that they serve you green tea and not apple tea… LB"

ebook EPUB
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