Emilia Plater & the November Uprising

a Heroic Young Countess and the Struggle of Polish Independence, 1830-31, With a Short Illustrated Account of the Battle of Warsaw 6-7 September 1831


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A Polish heroine and her times
Poland suffered long periods of occupation and subjugation at the hands of the powerful Russian Empire. In the early 19th century it formed an alliance with the rising star that was Napoleonic France, in the hope that by supporting the French militarily to the fullest measure they would, at last, secure the restoration of independence. With the fall of the French emperor those dreams were shattered. However, the flame of rebellion was inextinguishable in Poland, and in 1830 the Poles rose once again to try to shake off the shackles of Russian domination. Countess Emilia Plater was an ardent young revolutionary who was born in the partitioned Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1806. Gaining almost Joan of Arc-like status within her cause, she rose to the rank of captain in the Polish insurgency forces. Though she personally took part in the combat, her abiding value was as a figurehead for the revolt, and, as a woman committed to fighting for the national identity, as an inspiration to all Poles. Unwilling to capitulate and flee into exile even after it was clear that the November Uprising had failed, she decided to return to Warsaw to continue the struggle, where she unfortunately became ill and died before she could achieve her aim. Emilia Plater has, however, earned an iconic status among the Polish people which endures to this day. This Leonaur edition also includes a description of the Warsaw Uprising to add context to the main narrative.
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