The Captain and His Cabin Boy

Joshua Erik Rossi Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

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Charlie Sinclair is a poor servant boy who's used and ignored, He services the men at the Whitehorse Tavern but he yearns for a great escape.

On an ordinary autumn afternoon in Yorktown, Virginia, a single chance comes Charlie's way and he takes the risk. He stows away on a ship belonging to the Royal Navy, happy to leave his horrid past behind him. However, in the dead of night when the British flag is taken down and the Jolly Roger is raised high on the foremast, Charlie realizes that he's boarded a pirate ship!

The daring adventure he's longed for all of his life is finally at hand. He decides to make pirate Captain Kells like him so he won't be thrown overboard and in return Charlie finds more happiness than he ever imagined possible. The dashing, handsome Captain Kells favors Charlie and all of the lad's dreams come true, even the ones he never dared to speak of aloud.

The voyage on the sea is difficult. There are fierce storms, blood-thirsty enemy pirates and all the troubles that come with sailing on a massive wooden frigate but Charlie's worst enemies are waiting for him when Kells drops anchor in the Port of London, England. Captain Kells has good reason and vengeance for returning to the land of his birth and he has received a pardon from the King but Charlie's listed as a runaway. Can Captain Kells protect his cabin boy, the love of his life, while he meets and battles against the demons from his own past? If the lovers are found out, they'll be hung. Separated by tragedy, societies laws and class distinction, the two men must resolve the suspenseful secrets of their pasts and find a way they can remain together, forever.


ebook EPUB
Joshua Erik Rossi
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