Sex In Paris 2


Sex In Paris, #2

Joyce Lee Serie: Sex In Paris | Taal: Engels

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Sex In Paris II

Brooke Addison is a successful lawyer in her early thirties. She’s driven, ambitious and determined to prove herself in a male-dominated business. In fact, so determined to be made partner in her firm, she has spent the first ten years of her career so consumed by work that nothing else has seemed important. She’s had no social life and precious few romantic relationships. One day everything changed for Brooke, as she gets the worst news of her life. She decides it is time to take control of her life and start living in the moment. At a whim she jets off to Europe to see the sights and sounds. Unbeknownst to her the trip begins her journey of sexual self-discovery.

Sample Of What’s Inside!

Silently, I reminded myself that I couldn’t fall for this man. He was wonderful; much better than I deserved probably, but, in fewer than forty eight hours, we would inevitable go our separate ways. I’d always remember him and always be grateful to him for being the one to so expertly awaken something in me that I’d never known was there. And I felt sure he’d be the feature in some of my most pleasant dreams. I could lust after him. I could feel lucky for having met him. I could feel utterly lustful in his company, but I could not let myself slip into experiencing the other ‘L word’.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come back to bed?” he asked, dipping his face closer to mine and lightly brushing his lips against my cheek.
“I’m not tired,” I reminded him, finding my pulse quicken with just the hint of his breath on my skin.

“Who said anything about sleep?” he chuckled.
A noise that was a cross between a groan and a whimper escaped my lips as I found my body leaning closer to him of its own volition. “You haven’t had enough?” I asked, trying to mask my own need by implying that it was him who had the voracious appetite.

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ebook EPUB
Joyce Lee
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