Four pseudo-Chrysostomian homilies on Job (CPG4564, BHG939d-g)

transmission, critical edition, translation

Juditha Oosterhuis Taal: Nederlands


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Among the works ascribed to the famous church father John Chrysostom are four Greek homilies on Job (CPG 4564, BHG 939d-g). The first homily is a sort of encomium, in which Job is highly praised and depicted as an invincible hero. The other three form a homily series and were read during Holy Week. They most likely constitute the oldest extant series of homilies on Job in the early Greek church.
The four homilies have come down to us in more than one hundred manuscripts. Only a few of them served as the basis for the editions of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. The present study offers a new critical edition and is based on the collation of ninety-seven manuscripts. This new edition differs significantly from the older ones.
Furthermore, it is accompanied by an English translation, a full account of the textual transmission and a discussion on the issue of authorship.

Juditha Oosterhuis-den Otter studied Greek and Latin Language and Culture at the VU University Amsterdam. She taught at various schools in Zimbabwe and the Netherlands. Currently she teaches Greek and Latin at the Theological University Apeldoorn.

VU University Press
ISBN 9789086597260

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