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Win a Date with Pryce Monroe Book Two


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Nothing in my life is the same as before. What have I done? Who have I become?

Plagued with inner demons and readjusting to life outside of that stupid reality show house, now I have to ward off Pryce’s relentless advances. He started out as the prize I was competing to win, and somehow, the roles got reversed. Now he’s the cat and I’m the mouse.

He’s a Hollywood god, playboy, alpha male, and billionaire celebrity. I’m sure he only did this reality show to boost his popularity with his fans. The last thing I need is to have the paparazzi smear my name through the mud and his fans hate me because they think I don’t come close to being good enough for him. No matter what I say or do, though, he just won’t stay away. And now my sister has become his ally in his mission to win me over.

Now my life has been flipped on its axis, chaos reigns, and I don’t know which way is up or down anymore. Pryce Monroe is dominating my thoughts, actions, and heart. How do I get back to my normal life if he won’t leave me alone? How do I find the strength to keep pushing him away when it would be so easy to pull him closer? And how do I stop myself from giving him the two things I’ve never given any other man?

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