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Time is running out for Wilmont Braxton, Lord Blackmore. A curse that turns him from man to beast comes at ever increasing intervals. His only wish before he succumbs to the spell is to secure his lost betrothed on his estates, to provide for her as he will not be able to once he becomes trapped in the body of a monster.

Selena Marigold is not the typical Victorian woman. Rich in magical talent that allows her to read auras and throw glamours to disguise her appearance, she has spent her life living as a prisoner in one of London's most notorious brothels. When the madam schemes to sell Selena's virginity to the highest bidder, Selena must leave her wretched surroundings and strike out on her own...even at the risk of angering the might magic Guilds.

When she is abudcted from the auction by a man who casts no aura, Selena knows her life will never be the same. Secrets of the past rise to the surface and place both she and Lord Blackmore in danger, even as the Guilds close in around them.

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