His Very Personal Trainer, An Older Man Younger Woman Romance

Katy Vale Taal: Engels

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A First Time & Fertile Romance

Mom and Dad are afraid that I'm going to wind up on some pole. You know, dancing naked on a dingy stage in front of men who might know my dad. And even though the money is pretty good, I hear that the pension plan sucks. So being a pole dancer is not something I'm going to do. Though I won't rule it out — but don't tell my parents.
And it's not like I haven't been trying. I'm enrolled in a certified personal training course at the community college. And I already have a client. Mr. William Markham is a wealthy real estate developer. He pays cash. He's motivated. And we get along really well together.
And that's the problem.
Yeah, he's gorgeous and already has the body of a Roman god. And every time I train him, I want to give him a different kind of workout. Which I can't because he's my only client.
But I still think about it. You know, kissing him and letting him touch me. Maybe even let him be my first. And I even think about what it would be like to carry his baby. But I can't.
Or can I?

**HIS VERY PERSONAL TRAINER is a HOT first time fertile, older man, younger woman romance short story with NO CHEATING and a HEA ending. It is meant to be read in 45 minutes or less. Enjoy it before bedtime for best results. 18+ for mature content and intense scenes that some readers may find too explicit.**

ebook EPUB
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