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The Billionaire's Call Girl Book 1


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After being dealt a bad hand, Annie Davis is determined to give her little sister Gracie the life she deserves, moving across the country to pursue her modeling career in the City of Angels. But when her modeling dreams don't pay the bills, she's introduced to the dangerous, but lucrative world of high-end escorting.

As she struggles to navigate her way through the monotonous sea of Hollywood's misogynistic elite, she is forced to separate her work from her personal life, adopting a sexy and detached alter ego named Simone St. Clair.

However, everything changes when she's introduced to Lincoln Saviour, a handsome billionaire who actually seems interested in more just than her body. He seems perfect in every way, but Annie can't shake the uneasy feeling that's settled in the pit of her stomach.

Struggling with her internal battles, Annie tries to maintain her independence as she begins to fall for the man that can change her life. But Lincoln only knows Simone, her mysterious alter ego, and Annie begins to question whether he'll still feel the same once he knows who she really is.

As their relationship develops, Annie begins to get the sinking feeling that her handsome billionaire may just have some secrets of his own...

Will their love give them the strength to break down the walls that they've built and reveal their secrets?

And more importantly: will their electric connection be enough once their truths are revealed?

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