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The Billionaire's Call Girl Book 2


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In the highly anticipated follow-up to Book 1 of The Billionaire's Call Girl Series, we see Annie and Lincoln’s relationship reach passionate heights, while also facing new challenges.

Since their very first date they've felt an intense connection and electric sexual chemistry for one another. And despite her best efforts, Annie can no longer deny her feelings for Lincoln. The only question is: does he feel the same about her?

In the second of this four book series we see Annie open herself up, while also struggling with her need for independence and self-reliance. Taking care of her teenage sister is no small feat, and Annie isn’t ready to trust anyone with that responsibility. When faced with new problems haunting her from her past, as well as an ultimatum from her new lover, Annie is forced to make some tough decisions, but what will she choose? And what will the consequences be?

Meanwhile, Lincoln’s secrets begin to come to light as Annie searches for answers about her billionaire lover. What has he been hiding and how will she respond?

With shocking new details being revealed, it begs the question: will their flame burn on...or burn out?

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