Her Secret Cowboy


MacTavish Chase Cattle Ranch Series, #5

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Tyler Logan has a secret. A secret he doesn't want to keep, but his agreement with his father's receptionist at the corporate office for The MacTavish Chase Cattle Ranch in Las Vegas, prevents him from giving it all away. He wants to shout his secret to the world, but if he does he could lose the one thing that means the most to him, the love of his life!

April Belle Beaumont is fresh out of school when she lands the job with The MCCR Corporate Office in sunny Las Vegas Nevada. She's young, beautiful, driven, and she has a plan to financially secure herself for the rest of her life. She doesn't like to think about her reasons for her plans, and she doesn't share them, or her personal life with anyone, until she meets Tyler Logan.

The moment Belle and Tyler meet the sparks of attraction fly! Before they know it, they're spending an evening on the Las Vegas Strip, and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, or so Belle thinks! It isn't until Belle's brother, Major Brandon Beaumont, Special Forces Green Beret, finds out what Tyler and Belle are keeping a secret that everything changes, sending them all on a journey of pain, love, and understanding that will forever change their lives!

ebook EPUB
KC Chanter
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