Kind of Paleo; The Caveman Diet For Normal People

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The Paleo diet is one of the most effective diets. It is also one of the most difficult to implement. ‘Kind of Paleo’ takes all the principles that make the Paleo diet such an effective weight loss program but adjusts some of the practical applications of the diet to make it easier for you to implement it in your busy life.
Kind of Paleo covers;
- What to expect from the Paleo diet if you’ve never done it before.
- The pros and cons of the Paleo diet and how to overcome the cons
- Tips on what to do if you find yourself struggling to maintain the Paleo diet
- Time saving methods to help you prepare foods that are healthy, tasty but don’t take ages to cook.
- What the different variations of the Paleo Diet and why I believe ‘Kind of Paleo’ solves many of the weaknesses the Paleo Diet has been criticized for
- Foods you must avoid if the Paleo Diet or any other diet is going to work
- Real life case examples to show which parts of the ‘Paleo Diet’ are most effective.
Recently the Paleo Diet has come to the forefront as one of the best diets for losing weight and gaining supreme health. It is often marketed as the diet of the original man or the caveman diet’s. As if that could ever be 100% verified.
The key is even if we don’t know what cavemen ate we know they didn’t have highly refined and machine processed foods.
On the other hand, the Paleo diet has been criticized by many and was ranked last in a ranking of 31 diets in a study by US News. It is worth noting that two of the highest ranked diets… the Weight Watchers diet and Jenny Craig’s solution (both in the top 10) scored high marks for ease of use due to pre-packaged meals and calorie specific recipes.
The Paleo diet has been criticized for being difficult to implement and will require you to be willing to put time into food shopping more carefully and cooking more often than the average person today is used to. The benefits will be worth it. Other criticisms of the Paleo Diet include;
- It is hard to commoditize
- How can we be sure what cavemen really ate?
It is worth noting that most Paleo diet’s differ in one way or another. Some Paleo diet books recommend white rice and quinoa as less harmful options due to low gluten content while others recommend avoiding them altogether. ‘Kind of Paleo’ looks at the various variations of the Paleo diet and how to combine the Paleo diet (which is the most effective diet I have come across by far) with common sense to lose weight and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

ebook EPUB
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