Eating Disorder Recovery Workbook: How to Recover from Eating Disorder On Your Own (Anorexia, Bulimia Nervosa, And Binge Eating)

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What are the things that make you want to eat more? What are the situations or people that make you feel depressed or intimidated? Is there any emotion associated to your feeding? What are you trying to satisfy by eating or not eating?

Do you really get a cold feet and end up eating more or less than you should?

Different types of eating disorders are approached differently, with different efforts and mindset. In mindful eating, you are going to consider the recovery from depression, substance abuse, and anxiety disorders, since most eating disorders are associated with these three ailments.

These secrets were shared by people who made a miraculous recovery from eating disorder and are now living the better life. Once you follow these principles, you will begin to live the new life, above the current effect of eating disorder, either emotionally, physically, or mentally.

ebook EPUB
Kim Hilton
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