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Choices From the American Revolution


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Choices from the American Revolution, Volume IV of the Flight Series,begins with Pierre's arrival at Bilbo Creek, where he meets with a hauflin from the MidEarth. The hauflin restores the scales of justice in time for Nancy Hanks to deliver her second child in secret. Her colleague, Cornelia, serves as Thomas Lincoln's cook and oversees operations, while the survivors of the American Revolution find their freedom and regroup.

Following the death of his mother, Abraham Linkhorn escapes to live with his grandmother, who teaches the lore of the ancient civilization called Iron Mountain. Older than Eden or Atlantis, Iron Mountain inhabits another time dimension to protect the planet. Working with Simon Bolivar in South America, the Peacocks continue the Avalon mission to restore harmony to the planet. Abraham Linkhorn marries the younger sister of Bolivar and studies law near Annapolis.

When the Grays destroy the MidEarth shortly before the Civil War erupts, Abraham Linkhorn becomes imprisoned. He escapes and finds his missing sons, who have fled after the murder of his wife and grandmother. Obtaining a law degree, he enters the debate circuit and marries the spurned sweetheart of his opponent, Stephen A. Douglas. Defending the natural medicine used by his family for generations, he runs for the presidency and wins.

Almost a hundred years later, Tobias and his wife, Michelle, travel to Iron Mountain to meet those working with the base station. With the Linkhorns and a few ascended beings, they begin restoring the MidEarth. Using Metatron's Cube as a key, they unravel the history of the United States to make better choices regarding their freedom.

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