The Breedling and the Shepherdess


The Element Odysseys, #3

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"In the unwritten history of the universe, there is no known beginning. The realm of Euxinus simply was."

Transported to the supernatural world of Euxinus, the Trickster Stingy Jack is uneasy and unprepared to stand witness in the trial of his beloved. Allied only with the soulcatcher Buck, who retrieved him from the mortal realm, he finds himself thrown into chaos as creatures and enemies of all forms stand in their way. Perhaps most dangerous of all, however, is the continual battle within: his wickedness fights to maintain control over his desire to embrace his better nature.

With the trial drawing near, the opposing factions of Heaven and Hell gather in Squabbles Hollow and Jack realizes there is more to being the Eden Wanderer than he initially thought. Under Buck's guidance, he naviagates through the trial's complex puzzle of formalities and deities, servants and masters, armed only with a haphazard plan and every ounce of rhetoric they can muster. But even together, the Breedling and the Trickster may not be enough to win this battle.

There's much more at stake than the soul of the Shepherdess—and with no more opportunities left to sway the outcome in their favor, it will all come down to a stunning secret embedded in Stingy Jack's past.

ebook EPUB
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