Nowhere Man, Transporter

Laura Jean Lysander Taal: Engels

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2nd edition ~A mystic, comedy Sci-Fi action adventure sprinkled with the legendary Music of The Beatles.... meet quirky Kalantha Kirby, humble Central Park worker- so busy helping others and engrossed with her sci-fi hobbies and Beatles music and not really realizing what was about to happen to her-

After a strange event with her "hand" at work and even deeper meditation session, Kalantha finds herself immersed in a mangled, dystopian future, or is it a dream? She is hastily greeted by Ringo, a furry best friend, and his metaphysical master Olin Cian, who has been tailing her for quite some time in secret. They embark on a comedic, seemingly unplanned, (but not To Olin) dangerous and dire underwater and above heroic adventure. Not too long later they are joined by Cian's distant, Celtic Shaman right-hand man Timothy Ban Piobar, who offers Kalantha more insight into Olin's dark, unknown past. Together, along with The Beatles' amazing music they are swept into facing the task of saving humanity from the evil doings of the "Others", the "Gorm Granna"~ will this foursome of transcendental Superheroism be able to finish their mission? Is love really all you need? Read on, and find out…

ebook EPUB
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