Seeking Sirius, SciFi Suspense with a Metaphysics Twist


Crystal Ceres Time Travel Books, #1

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Seeking Sirius, SciFi Suspense with a Metaphysics Twist

ebook EPUB

€ 0,00

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Seeking Sirius, #1 of the Crystal Ceres Time Travel books

2001 Space Odyssey meets the metaphysics of Interstellar

240 pages

Wrenched from her life and into the future, Alexa Jane Alden learns that only one cosmic Master of Masters is capable of transporting her back home.

Unfortunately, no one is certain of his location, and this master of the universe has a habit of vanishing into thin air at will—maybe forever.

A package entrusted to Alexa's care is attracting dangerous attention. The very key for accomplishing her heart’s desire is also one that an ancient, murderous artificial intelligence—with minions desperate to do its bidding—is willing to maim and kill to possess.

A suspenseful SciFi adventure, woven with metaphysical secrets, Seeking Sirius is all about self-trust, in the midst of chaos.

Interview with the Author:

Q - Why seeking Sirius?

A – After consulting with the world-class astronomy department at the University of Texas in Austin (where I studied astronomy as an undergraduate student) I chose the star Sirius because it is 8.6 light years away from Earth and is in the right direction for Alexa to show up on Adalans. Only later did I discover that many cultures through time have considered that star special in metaphysical terms.

Q - How did a certain robot in this story become so advanced?

A - The robot’s creator in the early twenty-first century included instructions for it to continue improving his/its programming and its physical appearance

ebook EPUB
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