The Trusted Financial Adviser

The Secrets to a Long and Successful Career as a Financial Adviser

Lee Clarke Taal: Engels


€ 19,95

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This book is packed with examples and insights that you can use immediately to help solve your clients' problems and build yourself an enviable reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted financial adviser. Lee's ability to make the complex simple and to provide advice that matters to the client is both the secret to his success and the reason that he has been my trusted adviser
for over 20 years!
Mark McGregor, Author and Client

Lee has gone to considerable lengths to ensure the advice he has given to me and to my family over the years is in keeping with our values. He has navigated us through the troubled waters of recession and ensured above all that we feel listened to and understood. As a consequence I have felt able to recommend
him to a number of friends and business associates. His book reveals many of the stories and examples he uses with his clients to unravel the complex and to instill confidence in his advice.
Graeme H. Chapman MBE Charity Fund Raiser

Lee has built a very good business from scratch, based entirely on personal introductions and effective networking. The ideas and real-life examples
in Lee's book will help you to set yourself apart from the competition and build a profitable client bank while becoming a trusted and respected member
of your community.
Tony Gordon,Past President - MDRT
Panoma Press
172 pp.
Management, Economie & Communicatie
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