The 5 Decisions That Can Transform Your Life Forever

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Are you feeling lost, stuck, unfulfilled, and disillusioned with life? Learn which five decisions, if applied together and consistently, will help you achieve your goals and transform your life for the better. In THE FIVE DECISIONS you will discover:

- That you have the power to control and change your life.
- The importance of precision and clarity of vision in setting goals
and achieving success.
- The key processes of planning and taking action.
- The power of and impact of focusing attention.
- Ways by which to overcome obstacles.

At some point in the course of our lifetime, we realize that we have the power. Prior to this realization, we may spend much of our time waiting for things to happen to us or reacting to the people that surround us or events that occur in our lives. When we awaken to the reality that, unlike a feather floating on a breeze and at the whim of any gust of wind that may come along to determine where we land, we have the power.
~From the book

ebook EPUB
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