Pulling on New Genes

Wounds-Triggers & Healings: An Adoptee's Journey Through Life

Liz Ashling Taal: Engels


€ 28,95

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This book is for anyone touched by adoption that wants to understand the challenges of the adoptee, after adoption finalization. It is a healing book for adoptees and their families and partners. "Pulling on New Genes" captures the complexity of adoption and brings new awareness and understanding to the adult adoptee, adoptive parents, and can assist social workers, educators and therapists in how to work with adoption challenges. It is a groundbreaking book, full of examples of triggers and healing's in the search to find identity, deal with confusion of dual families, find inner truth and build trust with parents and others. The book provides thirteen healing exercises some of which assist the reader with the feelings of loss, emptiness and the void felt inside, from the original relinquishment. This story is told from the perspective of an Adoptee, Birth-mother who relinquished her child and now works as a Spirit Healer. The author spent the past eight years as a special adoption recruiter, working with a selected caseload of foster care youth finding them adoptive homes.
Spirit Journey Publishing/Liz Ashling
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