Shared (5 in 1 Box Set)

Lola Wolf Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 2,99

Shared (5 in 1 Box Set)

ebook EPUB

€ 2,99

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Five sexy wife-sharing stories in a Box Set!

A Husband's Surprise

Adam and Claire had a perfect marriage. They had everything; love, friends and a perfect, perhaps unconventional, sex life. Then Adam got a promotion and they moved, leaving everything behind.

A year later, their marriage is falling apart and Claire knows she has to do something, or risk losing her husband. Knowing his biggest fantasy was to share her, she calls her husband's best friend, hoping she could spice up their sex life.

Do Everything to Keep Her

James Callahan had everything. When he married his wife ten years ago, their age difference didn't matter. Now, he knows he can't keep up with her and was afraid he was going to lose her.

He is ready to everything to keep his wife satisfied, even if it means he has to bring her his young employee to share her.

Satisfying Her Needs

Since the moment Zoe Adams accidentally received the message from her husband's best friend, the last thing she expected was to see a picture of his large member. Now only if she could stop thinking about it.

For years, Carter Adams wanted to share his wife with his friend, Allan. But, how could he tell her that without risking their marriage? When Allan comes with a plan, Carter knows his wife wouldn't resist. She was always insatiable and it was time to satisfy her needs.

Tricked by a Dirty Cop

The worst thing that could happen to a cop's wife is if they catch her steal. Especially if she didn't do it. When her husband's partner refuses to help Jillian, she has to find a way to convince him. Lucky for her, she knows just the way, even if she has to get down on her knees.

What she doesn't know is that it's all part of their plan, and that her husband was home, waiting to take her next.

Watching His Wife with a Black Stud

Richard always knew his wife was… special. She never promised she was going to be faithful. The sight of her spread with a man between her legs should repulse him, but upon seeing her with a big, black stud, buried deep inside her walls only makes him want her more.

Note: All characters in this Box Set are of legal age and consent. For 18+ only.

ebook EPUB
Lola Wolf
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