Any Witch Way: Magic and Mayhem Universe

Lori Ryan Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 2,99

Any Witch Way: Magic and Mayhem Universe

ebook EPUB

€ 2,99

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He opened his mouth to yell for his sister again, but the love of his life moved toward him and stopped him cold.

She looked just as he'd remembered her. Just as she'd lived on in his dreams for more than a century and a half. Wild black locks and creamy skin. The taste and feel of that skin had never left him. It haunted his dreams, whether he was awake or asleep. It didn't matter. She was always with him, even though she was gone. He'd felt her everywhere.

That was probably one of the reasons he'd never been able to move on. That and the fact that he no longer had a heart to give. Sure, he'd slept with other women. He wasn't a freaking priest. But it was sex and nothing more. There'd never been any chance of giving his heart to someone else. Not when she'd crushed the damned thing beneath her heel on the way out the door.

He was about to be down one twin. Never mind waiting for Baba Yaga to summon him again. When he was finished here, he was going to hunt down Carol, or Baba Yaga, or Baba Yodels, or whoever the hell she was, and throttle her good. Carol knew damn well what she was doing when she left him stranded here. And she knew damn well this was the last place on earth he'd want to be.

He watched as the woman he both loved and hated with all his being stepped forward, arms still raised as if gracing him with her presence. She smiled that smile that made his heart flip over and beg for more.

And fell.

She tumbled head over heels with a few rather inelegant oofs and achs and maybe a curse or two in there. Gideon had to clench his fists against the urge to catch her, and when that pissed him off, he bit down on his tongue. Hard. He was not going there again. No way in hell he was getting involved with her again. No way in hell he'd let her tear what little there was left of him apart again.

"Aghoof." The sexy vixen sat up, brushing her mop of curls back out of her face as she spat a wad of grass from her mouth and looked around.


Saving magic should have been easy for the Boogeyman. Operative word: should.

Throw in the witch who gutted him two centuries before, the Jersey Devil, and the Glass Slipper Initiative, and he was screwed. Oh yeah, and he also had to guard his heart from the one witch who had to power to bring him to his knees. Not a problem.

This novella is part of Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem World. If you love Robyn Peterman, you won't want to miss meeting Baba Yaga's baby brother, the Boogeyman. Lori Ryan brings her signature suspense, humor, and steam to the Magic and Mayhem World.

Buy it today and fall in love with every child's worst nightmare!

ebook EPUB
Lori Ryan
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