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Paleo Dessert: Healthy Gluten Free Recipes for Decadent Paleo Sweets


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In “Paleo Dessert: Healthy Gluten Free Recipes for Decadent Paleo Sweets” you’re about to discover how to master the world of Paleo baking in just a few easy steps!

This book is without a doubt the Willy Wonka Factory of Paleo desserts because it has just a little bit of everything.

I have tried to cater to every dessert lover’s palette in this book and show you just how easy it is to have mouthwatering desserts on the table without succumbing to the perilous contraband of traditional desserts.

All the treats in this book are strictly Paleo, using delicious and unique combinations of ingredients to create amazing desserts for any and all occasions. And don’t for a second think you will be compromising on taste, because these desserts are without a doubt of gourmet quality.

Paleo is not a life sentence to dietary drudgery. In fact, Paleo is an invitation to explore, experiment and discover joys you would never have dreamed of, tastes you would never have tried and a level of health you would never have experienced.

Here Is a Preview of What You'll Learn...

• Why going Paleo does not mean giving up dessert!
• How to whip up Paleo cakes and cupcakes in a flash (Death by Chocolate anyone?)
• How to create perfect pies and tantalizing tarts with minimal effort (How about a Banana Pie with Blueberry “Jam” Topping…)
• The best way to make dairy free ice cream – yes you can even enjoy this classic dessert, guilt free (Mmm Strawberry Swirl and Fudge Pops… Yum!!)
• If brownies and dessert bars are your weakness, I have that covered (Chocolate Drenched Cherry Brownies and Pumpkin Pie Dessert Bars are always winners)
• Delicious and healthy cookie recipes for every occasion (Everything from The Good Health Cookie to Dark Chocolate Meltaways)
• And yes – even those sinful looking Chocolate Truffles on the cover…

So go on, get reading and reawaken that sweet tooth – you are guaranteed to be amazed!

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