Hard Riders, Hard Rides: 4 Book Biker Erotica Bundle

Lynda McMasters Taal: Engels

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FOUR explicit and pulsating tales of sex and lust in motorcycle gangs. In each one our heroine is swept away by the leather, the muscles and the oil, finding hot fucking adventures with these knights of the open road.

* Hell’s Riders Motorcycle Gang
Working in a bar in the hot Arizona Desert, our girl finds lust and love under the stars with an oily anti-hero who rides into her life on his Harley and his gang
“My body shivered as he worked his fingers down to my Daisy Duke’s. He undid one button. I wanted him to open me up, slide his finger deep inside me and let me squirm. I wanted it right in front of all his men…”
*Dirty Bikers M.C. (Biker Leather Gangbang Erotica)
Abandoned and alone on a desert road, the biker gang could save me. I would do anything they wanted in return..
*(the day I joined) Outlaws M.C.
Working in a bar in the hot Arizona Desert, I found love and lust with a criminal biker gang.
* Marauders M.C.
Amanda was a kindergarten teacher who yearned for a life beyond the safety of the classroom. When a biker gang rode into town, she saw her chance and took it, fucking each gang member in turn to get her ride..
Warning These books contain explicit scenes of anal sex, threesomes, oral sex, masturbation and cumming. For 18+ adults only

ebook EPUB
Lynda McMasters
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