Dry Bayou Brides Boxset 4-7: A Dry Bayou Brides Collection


Dry Bayou Brides

Lynn Winchester Serie: Dry Bayou Brides | Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 3,49

Dry Bayou Brides Boxset 4-7: A Dry Bayou Brides Collection

ebook EPUB

€ 3,49

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Welcome to Dry Bayou, Texas, where Southern Charm meets the Wild West!

Pick up and enjoy this collection of sweet, charming, and romantic western romances -- books 4-7 of the Dry Bayou Brides series.

The Rogue's Bride

Guilty of a terrible crime, Gaston Mosier hopes to find a little peace by getting himself hitched. Maybe his new wife can help him feel human again.

Aimee Prentice is seeking a life far away from the trouble she left behind. So, when she arrives in Dry Bayou to marry the mysterious man from the ad, she's surprised to find a man more handsome than she ever imagined.

Gaston only wanted to marry a quiet, simple woman. He didn't expect to find outspoken, startlingly beautiful Aimee waiting for him.

One seeks redemption, the other seeks protection, so what happens when trouble finds them both?

The Rake's Bride

After a disastrous summer in France, Jean-Luc La Fontaine is back in Dry Bayou, ordering himself a mail-order bride.

Intelligence, wealth, prestige… It means nothing when you fall in love with the wrong man. So, when scandal chases Isabeau Montefret from France, she runs to America, determined to forget the man with the wicked smile.

Isabeau hoped becoming a mail-order bride was the answer to her problems. When she discovers that the man who disappeared with her heart is the man she agreed to marry, Isabeau settles in for the fight of her life.

When the one woman he'd left France to forget arrives in town, claiming she's his new bride, Jean-Luc doesn't know what to feel. But when pain gives way to the truth, he must risk keeping a dark secret, one that would steal every chance at happiness.

The Gentleman's Heart

Isadora Mosier never fit in, and she didn't mind. She still laughed and loved and experienced life at its fullest. But when an accident steals the use of her legs, she's left with a half-life…until she's given a new one, as someone else.

Professor Allon Banks is a broken Civil War veteran who never thought he could find a mind and wit to match his. As he begins to correspond with Philomena Parks, he discovers a spirit that captures his heart.

Dora is shocked with Allon arrives in town, searching for the woman he'd fallen in love with on paper. What happens when he finds out the woman he's been writing to is a cripple? What happens when Dora falls for a man who is already in love with someone else? Someone who isn't real?

The Gambler's Prize

Becky Castle left everything behind in France, determined to live a new life, with a new name. After years of so much wrong, things are just beginning to go right…but she can't seem to find the peace she so needs to feel at home in the small town of Dry Bayou, Texas.

Jean-Marc La Fontaine left home to make his fortune on the Mississippi River. But when his riverboat casino runs aground of a greedy man, Jean-Marc runs back to the one place he could hide—and collides with a woman most intriguing.

Becky doesn't care much for the charming and incorrigible riverboat gambler, but she can't help how her heart flutters when Jean-Marc is near. He is utterly wrong for her, but her heart and mind can't seem to agree.

Jean-Marc wants Becky more than he's wanted anything in a long time.

ebook EPUB
Charizomai Press
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