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Life Matters - Book 4


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Written by a national bestselling novelist, these short stories provide a realistic peek into the lives of young adults trying to make it in a world that doesn’t play fair. Always thought-provoking, sometimes controversial, the Life Matters Series offers relatable characters in realistic circumstances that matter in the lives of young adults.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do - Jamal can't wait to break up with his possessive girlfriend, Jackie, so he can enjoy the rest of his senior year in peace. But Jackie has no intention of letting Jamal go.

Crush - A boy who has had a crush on a girl for several years wonders if he can finally bring himself to express his feelings. What will happen when he finally gets the nerve?

Yesterday’s Tomorrow Came Today - Cameron was looking forward to graduation, but after the ceremony, he realizes he had no plans for the rest of his life. When his friends leave town to start their dream careers, Cameron's drama begins.

Dylan’s Fault - Everyone blames Dylan for his ex-girlfriend's suicide, but they don't know the whole truth about Megan.

The Diary of Theresa White - Theresa thought she was the lucky one when she fell in love with Michael. Then she realized - she'd be lucky to get out of the relationship alive!

Two Sides to Every Story - There are two sides to every story. Read both accounts of a crazy romance gone wrong.

Zero - Angelica and David are off to a great start, but his involvement with a gang will end more than their budding relationship.

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