Asphalt Cowboys, #1

Madison Sevier Serie: Asphalt Cowboys | Taal: Engels

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The Road Is His Future... 

Longtime steel hauler, Mason Kaine, a.k.a. Renegade, only needed a few things to be happy; the whisper of his tires on that long ribbon of highway in front of him, money and a life with no complications. Being an Asphalt Cowboy means long, lonely hours on the road, dedication to the job and going wherever the loads are needed. Mason liked it that way. Meeting a feisty blonde whose allure is more potent than the finest Kentucky bourbon was not on his itinerary. He knows he should just walk away and leave the woman to deal with whatever mess she's in. But can he really just leave her alone and injured at a truck stop when he knows she's in way over her head? 

She's Running From Her Past... 

Savannah Somers has been on the run and in hiding for more than four years. Working at a truck stop hundreds of miles from her former life, she's been able to blend in and stay safe. That is, until two people from the world she left behind and Mason Kaine walk into her new life on the same day. With her past chomping at her heels and Mason Kaine's scorching sex appeal, Savannah finds herself on a path with twice the danger and more than just her life at risk. 

Can Savannah find the safety she's always the arms of a man like Renegade? 

Will Mason be able to save Savannah without finding himself chained to a lifetime of complications? 

It'll take more than one hot load to find out if they'll make it together...for the long haul. 

**Asphalt Cowboys Do It With Straps & Chains**

ebook EPUB
Madison Sevier
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